About Us


For the fun, the adventurous, the party girl, the beach babe... be whoever you are...whoever you want to be!
Live Life, Love Life! Be your own Roxsta!

Roxsta is passionate about creating and maintaining a safe haven for girls who love fashion.
A place without judgement. 

Roxsta is about feeling comfortable with knowing, from our staff you will get honesty, good quality and a product that is displayed to the best of our ability.

We are here on Facebook, via email or text if you have any questions at all! Please be aware that we are on Instagram, but it is harder for us to get information from Instagram as efficiently as other forms of contact, so if you are after an urgent response, please try other means first.
Please note that we do have terms and conditions for our refund, exchange policies but we do consider them to be within reason, and also live by the motto there is no harm in asking so if you feel if you exceptional circumstances do not hesitate to contact us.
Also at the moment, Roxsta is in its first years, so we are still seeking manufacturers for larger than 12-14 sizes. Please do not feel at Roxsta we try to exclude above a 12/14 and we are endeavouring to find QUALITY manufacturers that produce these sizes.
At Roxsta, we are here for you and we love all our customers so please feel free to contact our customer service team, at any time, with any questions.