Warm Up With The Fuzz

Every time I hear the word fur, I break into mental song, "Apple bottom jeans", but we're not talking about boots today... it's all up high with coats and jackets! Faux fur is for sure the thing to invest in this winter! 
I for one have been hanging for this moment! I'm long waisted and tall, crop jackets, bombers just do not work for this girl... Winter is cold we need to keep warm and faux fur allows us to do it in style. While we can appreciate that fur has been a long time fashion with celebs and high end income earners in the states for a long time so seeing this may not seem all that new to you, while wearing it here in Aus has always been considered weird and old school. While it did make a small comeback in the vintage stakes and for those that felt comfortable wearing traditional vintage fashion but now! You will be seeing faux fur everywhere this season, the racks will be filled with fur collars, fur jackets, fur vests, fur coats, long fur short fur big out there fluffy, fluffy fur and its going to be great! I think now in the age of social media we seem to get out more than we used to, maybe we are trying to out do each other or maybe we really are just trying to embrace life and it fantastic! Realistically, going out more in winter comes with the simple solution of making winter fashion warmer, and it is here, its fur and we hope its fur real here to stay. Above image is of Nicole R.ichie looking stunning in a faux fur coat