V-Day Blues

Some of us are all loved up cosy on the couch after a homemade meal, others out to dinner with their BAE, or out on a first date at the movies... then there are the poor forgotten lost souls on Valentines Day.
If you are one of the lonely ones, snuffing your nose at the roses and glaring at every person that dare ask what you are up to for Valentines Day, don't despair! Really, most of us, even the loved up or homely rarely actually get any satisfaction from V-Day!
Yes I know, we might have someone to come home to at least but generally, we always want that something we don't have... This year I was lucky and hubby bought home Roses and Chocolates with a nice card, signed by my "amazing husband", if he doesn't say so himself lol.
You see, I'm still sitting at home on the couch while he is in with the kids and dozing off after a long day at work in 40 degree heat. Yes I know I'm very lucky he does what he does for us but can't say I'm not disappointed that I have actually spent 10 minutes with him today and my night will be spent trying to absolve myself with a new Netflix series (as my most recent one is on a break until March(boo hoo!), if you're wondering, Dynasty and yes I love it!!!)
So my point is, I'm jealous of the first dates tonight, all that excitement raging that you could be with this person forever and tell your kids about the first time you met or it could be the joke that you talk about with your friends forever as the date from hell. I'm jealous of the night out in the fancy restaurant with great wine and fabulous food either before children or having awesome help so you can go out child free, I'm jealous that this is actually the first of eight years that my husband actually has come home with flowers but its been a rough couple of years for us so I'm not even sure I can quite appreciate them. But to those of you alone, waiting for that MR RIGHT, waiting for the perfect partner or just  aching for a night not spent alone, just remember that life isn't the Facebook highlight reel, and there are tough times for everyone. Some people are also just really good at covering up the hard times. Don't be in a rush, because one day you may dream about the times that you had the bed all to yourself, a time that you could watch your fave shows whenever you wanted, or when you didn't have to clean up after someone or do their laundry. 
Soak up your paradise now while you can because one day, as much all you'll be in love, there will always be something you miss from your times of solitude.
So tonight when you go to sleep, know some of us love an empty bed, sprawling out however you like, or just cooking for one, not being worried about what they do or don't eat or making enough for their oversized appetite, enjoy being able to sleep til your ready, not being woken up at 5am by your partners alarm. Just know while you envy others, sometimes deep down, we envy you too! 
lots of love to all my Roxsta V-Day Singles out there