The Low Down On Midi Trends this Autumn

Autumn is a time that we cling to our feminine wardrobes before we need to drag out big bulky blazers, coats, jeans and knits. Clutching for cute cardi's, long pant jumpsuits, ankle boots and skirts and this autumn we are making it known by femming it up with the most girly autumn fashion trends since the 50's poodle skirt!
Take away the poodle and replace the satin with totally gorgeous fabrics and you have the must have staple for Autumn 2018!
Florals, stripes, plain and pastels...make a statement with your skirt. most predominantly lined with tulle for the big puffed out look is what you will see. Midi pants or culottes are in the stores in a dress or casual version and if tulle isn't your thing you can find a lighter version of the midi skirt in stores for the less formal option.
We found celebs everywhere strutting their stuff and showing their Midi love. 
Taylor Swift in vintage Rose and pink florals, JLo in embroidered regal Emerald green.
Miranda Kerr showing off her amazing figure in the orient floral pencil skirt in midi length, to be fair, she looks fab but we really aren't quite too sure how she is managing to walk in this number.
Mel B sported a similar design to that which is being completely mastered by the Aus label Two sisters and we can't wait til they arrive...make sure you keep an eye on our site for those new arrivals. Mel B is pictured above in her white lace midi skirt.
Jessica Alba can pull just about anything off but she really takes the midi skirt to a whole new level, we found some absolutely exquisite skirts which she looks stunning in, the first is a simple black and white design that is some sort of cross between leopard print and floral, we can't quite figure it out, but its cute! The next one, well that one pictured above, is my everything! That right there is Autumn Midi skirt goals! Pastel Pink Chiffon layered perfectly! This woman is now my girl crush, secretly already was when I first fell in love with the movie Into The Blue and she was of course alongside dream man Paul Walker, may he rest in peace, but now I just want the girl's wardrobe! Damn Gurl!

Going to find my self some new Midi's Roxsta's

Love Suz x