Roxsta Top 10 Netflix Series

Its been a long time between Netflix chats an there are so many great series out there are at the moment! We have what we think are 10 of the very best ever Netflix series, all different genres so there is something for everyone.
The Good Place
I'll put this in number 10 spot because I know there are a lot of Kristen Bell haters out there. If your a lover not a hater, you will love this series, splashed with totally crazy stupid plots add in Ted Danson and a bunch of different personalities and you have The Good Place. Kristen Bell finds herself woken up in "The Good Place" after a tragic death, she finds herself trying to become a better person in her afterlife so she is allowed to stay after a case of mistaken identity. I watched this when I wasn't really in the best place so I found it light hearted, charming and a little uplifting. Going to be honest and say that this show is not for everyone but if you're up for it, give it a go!
The Sinner
Now the first episode of this one had me almost tearing my eyes out, it takes a while to get through the slow pace and lack of dialogue but when you keep watching you will be dying to find out what drove her to snap and stab a stranger to death on the beach in front of her son. Watch how an incident as a teenager had marked her for life, now she needs to fight to get her life back for the sake of her son, and husband who stays by her side even though she has quite literally gone mad. The Seventh Heaven star Jessica Biel is thought to not be at her best in this role but as you near the end of the series you find yourself with a different respect for her character and a greater understanding of the way in which she played it.
The Ozarks
A great one to watch with your partner if you struggle to find middle ground with TV. A straight laced accountant gets mixed in with some seriously dangerous people, this takes his seemingly boring life and puts him through the ultimate test to save the lives of him and his family. Jason Bateman plays a great role in this one while his family become quite endearing. His wife who starts off on a very bad foot with her questionable morals shows some admirable qualities along the way which you will come around to, his daughter befriends a loner who lives on the wrong side of the tracks and his sons only friend seems to be the old and almost creepy man they co-reside with. Watch this if you enjoyed Breaking Bad, I much preferred the characters in this series and season 2 has just been released, so far so good!
The Bates Motel
Well this series took some time to get into, a lot of episodes put me to sleep and it took a while to get used to the pace, but as things became more unusual the intrigue kicked in and after 5 series I was sad when it all ended. Norman is a shy kid, mothered by his mum and at some points seemingly smothered by his mum, as time goes on the twists of the show will have you guessing and you will find not everything is what it seems. Sometimes you may think Norma's actions to be crazy until the show begins to release the secrets of this family. If you didn't like the first series, don't worry, neither did I, It's a very creatively written show that will explain a lot of things along the way. Well worth it once you warm up to it.
Stranger Things
Set with an 80's vibe, the lead in and theme song along with watching the kids ride around the streets at night to hang out and play board games in their mates basement, will have you feeling nostalgic and keep you interested just long enough to get hooked. A Sci Fi alternate world takes one of their own and one of theirs escapes, the two worlds collide to help rescue their friend. Not usually a Science Fiction fan but this had a great mix of characters and the storyline saved the strange plot. If you think its not quite your thing, you might just be surprised.
13 Reasons Why
The first series was good, not great, a bit boring and sometimes I fell asleep, I kind of have a habit of doing that though. Then they released the second series, we debated whether or not to bother as weren't big fans of the first but I thought well, if the first episode doesn't grab us, we will let it go. I am so glad we gave it a chance because from the first few minutes in it all started to make sense. I had no idea that the second series would essentially be a revision of the first with a lot of unanswered questions becoming answered and a lot of the confusion explained. This two part series needs to be watched knowing that the second will fix everything, the second series literally rescues the first from the abomination that it was to become a very smart piece of television history. If you have teenagers that are watching this make sure that they also see the second. It is incredibly confronting but unfortunately it is also very real. I would also set some real boundaries and age limits on this one and make sure you prepare yourself for what you are about to see.
How To Get Away With Murder
If you love a good law, crime show, mixed in with a good murder then this is the show for you. With a series of murders piling up through the series seemingly trying to fix one problem after the other to cause some serious collateral damage. The characters over the seasons will feel like family and you'll be hanging on the edge of your seat watching them trying to escape their problems. You will find yourself playing Sherlock while watching the deception Annalise Keating delivers in every episode. You won't be disappointed. 
Captivating characters revolve around mystery, murder, darkness and the usual teenage lives to make a creative and enthralling series. Riverdale was released by episode after airing in the US weekly and was very hard to wait for, with most series available for binge watching it increased the thrill by having to wait til it was released and made for a great watch. We have heard even after the final of the second series seemed to conclude the main storyline that there is a third series on the way. 
Dynasty is my number 2, I loved the jets, fancy cars, high fashion and amazing mansions. Fallon's character was empowering and motivational while at the same time quite arrogant and overconfident. At the start of the season we see Fallon let down by the hope on her birthday that she would be promoted to second in charge underneath her Father in their empire Carrington Atlantic, when in fact Blake announces that her new step mum to be will actually be taking the COO position from her. Fallon has some pretty charming characters by her side along the way which can be very easy on the eye as well as finding herself in some pretty tricky situations. There are lots of parties, fun, money and catfights...Hanging for a second season expected to be released on Netflix in 2019!


Queen Of The South

Wow! Love Love Loved it! This series was a great watch for both Hubby and I and that's pretty rare lately with a seemingly slower release in good new series to Netflix we have found it harder and harder to find one we like to watch together. This was a combination of breaking bad meets like some girl boss movie and when I had to think why I loved it so much, cos I'm not usually into the drug, gang type thing, I realised watching Teresa fight for her life was what kept me so enthralled. It does help that there are some pretty cool Mexcian accents, and some pretty hot bods to watch following her around. From the first few minutes Teresa shows you where the story is heading so watching her get to that point keeps you waiting eagerly for the next episode. There are only two seasons on Netflix, but the third has been aired and I'm sure is making its way to Netflix soon, believe me its worth the wait. Hopefully a fourth is on it's way as it hasn't circled back to the first episode yet and three seasons in I'm still hooked.

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