Reflecting on Mother's Day

Happy mummies day to all you awesome Mums out there!
A day of rest, handmade gifts, lots of hugs and unconditional love... we hope you all had a roxsta kind of day!
Unfortunately though today, in both a very large mummy group and business group that we have on Facebook, its been quite obvious that some mums were pretty underwhelmed with their special day.
Well we would like to take this chance to offer up some solace and possibly a healthier outlook on the way we approach holidays such as Mother's Day in the day and age of social media.

Now, I understand the disappointment when you run into people and they expect that because its Mother's Day means I don't lift a finger, being waited on hand and foot, get breakfast in bed, followed by presents, while the hubby does the housework, then takes me to lunch while the kids are organised and looked after and then I wait for more and more because its the entire day right! Its so hard to navigate for anyone what to expect, what should I get if my next door neighbour is showered with gifts and affection or on the other side they are taking off for a perfectly packed, picnic in the park while my bestie is going to the best restaurant in town and getting! We need to stop, stop wanting what we don't have, stop asking for things we don't need and stop expecting the world when we really only need a piece of it.

Every day we look at our smart phones and check Facebook and Instagram and we see a smiling face with their happy loving family, showing us they have the best life, now we pretty much all do it and its great to share how happy we are but because our lives look amazing for five minutes is no cause to want more than you have.

Maybe you didn't get the best photo to share on Instagram, maybe your hubby isn't great around the house or the most affectionate or the most organised, but  take a step back and think about the best bits, what made you feel really good about yourself yesterday? For me, I received handmade gifts all week from my toddler and pre-schooler so I was super lucky, I had an inbox from a newfound friend who thought of me enough to send the most heartfelt mummy message, then we had a family dinner cooked by hubby... where we all managed to sit down together and talk about the day we had followed by more cuddles and bedtime. Being incredibly loved by your little ones is the absolute best and really is what Mother's Day is about.

I hope everyone that felt tearfully disappointed yesterday had something great happen and were able to reflect on the best bits, the things that made them feel loved and appreciated. Motherhood is such a tough gig but know you are all loved by someone even if they don't know how to show you. After all its the little things that matter and the simplest of genuine gestures that stay with us forever.
Lots of Love Roxsta Mumma's 

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