Make Your Breaking Point Unbreakable

When It All Gets Too Much!
When Christmas time is around the corner, we have career changes, move house or other big things are happening in our lives, we can excuse away the fact that we are literally going out of our minds and people tend to understand that, but what happens when it becomes an everyday occurrence and we feel like we have run out of excuses? 
We have some tips on ways that you can reduce your stress and get things back on track.
Work on you
Most of the time when life gets a bit hectic, taking time out for ourselves is the very last thing we think we can do...Either we don't have the time or the energy to invest, or we feel we don't deserve that indulgence. Sometimes it may be worries of not having time for our families or money for our bills and for a lot of us its a problem that isn't going away anytime soon.
When we focus all of our energy into these things, even though it can likely be a necessity, we can't give the people we love the most our very best. This is when we can get to a point where we ultimately feel there is nothing left to give. 
Make sure you take some time out for you, even if its in the smallest of forms, just do it!
*Exercise, take a Yoga or Pilates Class or join a team sport 
*Read a book, buy your fave magazine or research something new and interesting. 
*Explore somewhere new, even if its just the next town over and look for a new park, or spare some time to sit at your favourite place and clear your mind.
*Get in touch with the old you. Think of a time in your life where you were at your happiest and do your best to recreate that moment, if it was the food you were eating, a song you had on in the background or a hobby you used to love. Bring back the happiness and aim to do it more often.
Take Everything One Step At A Time
This can be relatable to a variety of issues, whether its household chores, bills or work duties, feeling stressed can make life seem impossible, with a pile of things to get through and its blocking your clarity. Not being able to imagine getting through all of your work or paying all the bills can make us want to give up. All this does is make those bills pile up higher and the mess get worse while the work duties just keep accumulating!
Stop waiting for it to fix itself but don't approach anything with a negative mindset. Make a list, checking things off will lift your mood and show you that even though you can't see it getting smaller yet, that you are indeed getting somewhere!
If bills are becoming a problem, there are some great budgeting apps that might help you to be able to prioritise and put things back into perspective.
Set Some Goals
Create a dreamboard to give you something positive to focus on, dreaming about where you want to be can be very therapeutic! 
Make a bucket List and aim to just one day do some of those things and remember to add the tiny things to so that you can start to tick things off straight away. Feeling the true worth of progression can help you on your way!
Volunteer for a charity or community project, offer to help someone you know that may also be feeling down, watch their kids, help them with their laundry or offer to pick some things up from the shops. Helping someone else with the same kinds of problems you are going through will not only feel rewarding but will remind you we aren't alone. 
Health and Lifestyle
If you feel like its not just circumstantial that you're feeling a bit out of control, take a look into other possibilities. Packaged foods are known to have certain additives that can add to stress and anxiety, we can also lack or have deficiencies in things such as magnesium and vitamin B. We can source these from certain nuts, leafy greens or there are Epsom salt baths for magnesium and supplements for both. Fish oil can help with a healthy mind therefore reducing symptoms of anxiety.

Anxiety can be a serious mental health condition and sometimes not addressing it or acknowledging it can be dangerous. If you feel you need to speak to someone please call Lifeline, Beyond Blue or another organisation specialising in counselling for these conditions.
Anxiety is something a lot of Australians feel for one reason or another. when we read the statistics for anxiety the number is as small as 14% of Australians affected but I would honestly believe that rate to be much higher. you see, when we read a statistic some of us may ask, well how do they even know that? Basically these statistics need to come from somewhere right... In this case it seems that the 14% are documented cases which may come from hospital/general practitioners records. Well for a condition such as anxiety, for most of us we may not even know that we do have it. We like to put it down to something else or assume this is just a completely normal reaction to certain situations. After all, we really only know what is going on in our own heads so how can we compare the norm to what we are feeling? 
If you feel that anxiety could be a possible issue for you, has a checklist and assessment that can help you determine if your actions and feelings may need further investigation.