Good Friday Just Got Better

So some of us follow religions that may lead us to not eat Meat on Good Friday, some of us follow other religions or none at all. Whatever you live by, if you are sick of the yearly visit to the fish and chippo and feel like something different, we have just what you are looking for.

Days like these it's really handy to go back to basics and try to use what you have in your cupboard. Unless you are in a holiday area or just a big city, it's pretty likely there will be nothing open within hours of you, so you'll be forced to get creative. 

Staples we feel can go a long way

flatbreads-keep them in the freezer and they will last 

pumpkin-keeps well and goes great with most vego recipes

pasta- pick a pasta that works for you and keep it in your cupboard for times like these

flour, milk & butter for when you feel like true homemade dough

tomatoes in any from- Roma, cherry, gourmet whatever is your fave 

basil-grow your own with our Foodie garden, all you need is a window with some sunshine and a splash of water.

Cheese- feta is great for vego recipes but make sure it's in a tub if you want to keep it longer. 

Rice, including  arborio rice for risotto.

frozen peas- great for risottos and you can add them to your curries for something different. 

Coconut milk great for curries and comes tinned so makes for a great staple

tinned pineapple is amazing for curries and pizza and until it's open keeps really well.

red curry paste most will last a long time in the fridge

Olive oil works well just to draw out some flavours and act as a greasing agent as well. 

Basil is such a handy herb for lots of great vego recipes. If pizza is your thing.. quick and easy, ready made bases or flatbreads or fresh handmade dough, with a few basic ingredients, cheese, Basil, sundried tomato bit of sauce and that's dinner pretty well done.

Pasta, who doesn't have some sort of pasta hiding in the pantry throw some capsicum, olives, cherry tomatoes and olive oil, bit of Basil and feta on top and another easy non meaty meal but for those of us that aren't happy with the simple options... 

Thai Red Curry vego style pumpkin, broccoli, red capsicum, carrot, tinned pineapple, red curry paste, coconut milk & Basil leaves. Cook up some steamed rice and you are good for a spectacular Good Friday meal.

last but not least... risotto! OMG if you don't have these ingredients on hand you should have and you can do so much with it! Arborio rice, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, peas, veggie stock, and some white wine and finish the bottle over dinner. 

Just some of our faves and easy ingredients that are versatile and keeps everything simple, makes grocery shopping a piece of cake and great ideas to reuse the ingredients if you're cooking for one. 

Sometimes the hardest thing about cooking is just deciding what to cook! 

Happy Good Friyay😘


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