Learning to Dance In The Rain

Sitting outside over the past few days are ones I used to dread! Cold, Wet & Miserable! 
Even though I still find myself to be naturally more tired and lacking in motivation to fill my day productively, I am learning. I'm not sure if I can put it down to getting older, trying to look at life in a more positive manner or if our move to the country has been the driving force behind the energy shift.
Maybe its just the way I was wired, but on the coast, where it's wind off the water, cold mist, darkness and seemingly not a lot to be positive about, I always found it immensely depressing and because of that wet ocean breeze it always seemed particularly more difficult to simply layer up and head out. I became a hermit, I loved going out, but winter clothing and feeling bulky and bogged down was also not in my nature. 
Since the country move the air is different up here. The valley smell when cold at night you smell distant smoke from chimneys layered upon a real crisp fresh smell. Its a refreshing, revitalising feeling and makes it easier to push those boundaries and step back outside. We have had such a huge amount of rain that has only now just eased to be able to see the sun poke through again, but it has come back with passion. The sun is intense and warm and its time to go bathe myself in vitamin D.
Walking out after this rain brings hope of life, and fresh starts. The grass is greener, our lemon tree is booming, the ground is littered with glorious pinks and purples from our flourishing garden and the kids couldn't be happier. Maybe this is how it is supposed to work with us mentally and physically in a sense telling us to take time out, recharge, relax and then look at your life with a fresh pair of eyes! Appreciation of life and your own personal journey is the real key to happiness!

Have a great day Roxsta's!
I hope you see some sun today, if not, relax, recharge and renew your zest for life!