Knit So Boring This Winter

Knits of course are all around us now, we have just snapped out of some really great hot days into some super fresh weather, personally not a fan but we can't change the weather so this season we are choosing to embrace it with some super cute knits. We haven't really seen anything like this for a while! Knits the last few seasons haven't been anything too fabulous with the only winter standout being glamorous capes. This year we are loving the winter knits all blinged up with sequins and embellished with gorgeous trims and tassels and cut outs and tie up sleeves, and keeping the boho look alive through winter with big flare style boho sleeves. Block colours in knits seem to be the hit this season, staying away from stripes and patterned knits and focusing on the cuts and styles.
Some of our faves in our range so far for 2017
the Cutting Ties Knit, With a Silver Heart Knit and the Don't Tie Me Down Knit
You can find them in our tops & bottoms section.
see the attached pic of Gigi Hadid (image from unknown source), next to that of our Don't Tie Me Down knit and get the look of Gigi!
Our Don't Tie Me Down Knit jumper features fitted ribbed cuffs and thick fitted, ribbed waistband. Beautiful, rustic, bronzed eyelets feature a knit tie that weaves up like a shoelace style to make this knit a classy daytime staple.