Jumping into style

We seem to be in the day and age where weddings are going later and big events and fundraisers are happening more frequently in the colder months, I used to just huddle up in a ball on the lounge with the heater blasting in my granny jammies  with a fresh bottle of sav, block of chocolate and a blanket! Now I have to drag my backside to the freezing cold bathroom and make myself visually acceptable on numerous occasions and figure out the best ways to keep warm when it happens.
When we start talking abut general wedding invitations which are typically classified as semi-formal, in Summer, no problem! We get to go buy a new dress, maybe some new shoes, basic make up routine and a nice bag...DONE!
Winter formal occasions call for a lot more thought, preparation and effort! Long dresses can get a little too evening ball gown glam, while the most simplest of long dresses then needs to be matched with a coat which ends up a bit the same, then to match it with the right shoes and bag just a gets pretty intense unless you have access to a personal stylist and a mass of high end shopping and way too much cash!
That's why we think this seasons biggest hit is also the very best and simplest option for your next big night out! The Jumpsuit really has to be the only option and can be pulled off very easily with closed toe heels, boots or mesh peep toe heels. Team it with a blazer(be sure to keep it feminine) or soft look cardi and a simple belt to bling it up just a little! 
We found some supercute jumpsuits spotted on celebs Arianna Grande(pictured above) and Kendall Jenner both sporting striped versions. Look out for our new arrival striped jumpsuits on our page.