Getting Carried Away on the Red Carpet for Oscars 2018

The Oscars red carpet is definitely one of our fave things to watch, the hype and enthusiasm and the empowering voices that can be heard nestled amongst those amazing dresses, even more so this year with a particular emphasis on women in film. The voice against sexual harassment #timesup, being actively pursued by Ashley Judd and Mira `Sorvino and their experiences with the infamous Harvey Weinstein.
As for the fashion....
Margot Robbie's self produced film I-Tonya, such a powerful movie and along with her mum as her date we can't be prouder of our Aussie fave. Currently we are waiting to see if anything will come of her nomination and our fingers are crossed for her. She donned a Chanel Couture dress which radiated simplistic elegance!
The fashion industry can be a place for the thick skinned and constantly being judged and critiqued for your wardrobe choices can't be easy. At Roxsta, for the very principals we try to live by, we try not to judge too harshly. After all, even celebs are people. So we are staying away from the worst dressed! We do however feel like we should speak out in support of poor Salma Hayek-Pinault, as an actor in her 50's and a mum she made a fairly appropriate choice for her, we see her heritage and part of her acting history in this dress, the mauve layered dress with a jewelled top embellishment, and lots of sparkly sequins may perhaps have been a little over embellished but shows us Salma and we are picking her up with our confirmation that she made a good choice for her. We salute you Salma! 
Look out for Gal Gadot as she looks hot af in her Givenchy sleek, heavily sequined, flapper dress. The star from Dc movies, The Fast & The Furious Series and my personal fave Keeping Up With Joneses floored us with her look accompanied by Blue Book collection Tiffany and co. Necklace. 
Mira Sorvino and Ashley Judd showed up together with Judd keeping things simple and elegant in deep purple and really playing it safe,  Mira looked youthful in an almost childlike vintage one shoulder gown with floral layered and beaded embellishments and a layered, long train.
So many of the fashion gurus and top mags are putting Nicole Kidman's Bow Dress on their best dressed, we love the colour, love the cut, as for the bow, maybe you make your mind up on that one?
Lupita Nyongo wore Versace, we saw this dress as an image before we saw her in front of the glamorous Oscar set and cameras. Have to say from the dulled down images we were shown, myeh! Then we saw this outstandingly powerful woman who gave us such a compelling speech upon winning her first award for 12 Years A Slave, wearing a dress that was grossly misrepresented by still images and saw the beauty and power that the strong gold shimmer against bold black had, we saw the perfectly fitting gown taking on a representation of the woman proudly wearing it and we saw it... we saw it for all that it was and all that it was meant to be. Versace nailed it!
Laura Dern looked elegant in stark white with a sleek cut and emphasis on mermaid shaped skirt, layered with a slit on one sleeve and plunging V neckline. 
The last one we want to talk about is Zendaya, all we can say is we love, love, love it! In a gorgeous Chocolate brown the puffed out one sleeve was sourced from a Paris Runway and styled with Bulgari Heritage Jewels. Nothig sort of truly beautiful.
That's our picks and now its time for us to head back and lookout for Margot's nomination. 

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