February is the new January

Every new year we like to set ourselves goals and call them New Years Resolutions, it might be spending more time with loved ones, or furthering your education or career goals, planning the trip you've always wanted to take but for the most of us...Health and Fitness is our biggest, most challenging and generally the one least followed through. Whatever challenge or goal you have set for yourself yet, don't treat it like its too late! 
Don't wait til Monday! Try something different and start tonight or as soon as you can! If we always wait til Monday it will never come and you will never ever start. Mental preparation can either be the end of us or the start.
Don't overthink it, the first time is the hardest and then its all about prioritising. If you want to do it, don't let them talk you into that, "just one piece of cake!", there is always something or someone that will be wearing those cute little devil horns, whether its the bestie or Granny or the work colleague who doesn't want to splurge alone. Be strong today, know what you want for yourself and only listen to you, listen to what you want, imagine all those little devils going away in a puff of smoke every time the other shoulder wins the fight.
Look for your angel and tell him you got this! A year from now, you would have wished you started today or tomorrow or the next day...just make it soon!
If you're like me and you have so many bad habits for whatever reason, mine being blessed with an amazing metabolism until I hit 32 and had two kids, now I'm in no mans land with a life that's incredibly busy but also insanely slow and full of mundane cooking, washing, cleaning, repeat, repeat, repeat My metabolism has all but stopped, I live off red bull and double dipping into kids meals then mine... oh the shame!
Slow down, start by taking one thing away from yourself and giving it a healthier alternative, start by doing your fave thing that makes you excited about exercising whether its signing up for a sport, dance class, walking to work or the gym is more your thing, do what makes you happy to start, keep motivated and stay focused.
I hear you, focus and staying on track, keeping the bad things away, that's the hardest part right? Yes it is! Think of every single day like a bank account, good food, exercise being the money you put into your account, bad foods, sugars, fats, having a lazy day being money you take out of your account (This is of course my new system so I'll let you know how I go lol).
So you got off to a bad start this morning, downed your red bull, skipped breakfast and had a piece of processed banana bread for your quick snack... well that's a lot of sugar to start your morning, so keep that in mind, think about the delicious healthy dinner and take a walk after lunch knowing that tomorrow morning its ok you can do better! Don't beat yourself up! The number one reason we give up on a diet is because we feel like failures, there is always someone asking how your "diet" is going, we get embarrassed to try so we give up, of course its much better to show people we are in control of not trying anymore so we don't have your added disappointment as well! oh dear even writing this, how much do we allow society to batter us for having small set backs and failures. I've given up diets before because I have literally had friends laugh in my face for even trying... needless to say we don't speak much anymore but honestly! there are so very many obstacles in life and as humans most of us all like to be able to have some control over something. This one is pretty cliché but seriously take control of your life! Keep your fave things, just have them less, surround yourself with motivation, good friends, cut that wine every night to once every two/three days and just get better. Get better your way, with your styles, your habits, and just remember everything counts! Walk it off, take the stairs, walk to the opposite end of the shops and back a few times if that's the only way you can fit your exercise in, do it, get creative, find a way! if you don't get there in a few months, make more changes, its better than just allowing it to get worse, kicking yourself every time you get down, if you cant sleep because of guilt, google some exercises, do some pilates leg circles and get back to bed knowing tomorrow, you'll do more, you'll opt for the half portion and apple rather than the full option, find yourself a rewards system, just find what works for you, its your life no one else has a right to comment, make fun or hurt you for your way of trying.
Don't say your on a diet just say I don't actually like cake that much anymore, small white lies to avoid judgement they have no right to put on you in the first place. Don't make a situation uncomfortable saying your on a diet because diet is short term, you are making some changes, life changes, for you, and your life! Own that!
If you forget where you are at for a few weeks, life and old habits get in the way, just remember failures are ways for us to learn, to get better and move forward! Use it as bigger motivation and don't ever doubt you can do it because yes you can, and you will if you do it your way, for you!
Peace out Roxsta's
You can smash this!