Endless Summer Dreams

Living life as a dreamer, just the way I like it, I do mostly anything I can to avoid even knowing what day it is. In my line of work, generally most days are work days. I only need to know when things around me are open or if its someone's birthday or If I have to take the kids to preschool and daycare in the morning. I am that person that wakes up to check my work emails on a Sunday and drives to the grocery store at 7am completely unaware that I'm awake before most of the suburbs population, or drive to the bakery not realising that they actually take a day off! That's always a serious bummer and probably the biggest disappointment on my Sunday morning, as this has happened on several occasions before. 

See avoiding normalcy is just what I aim for. We live like two streets down from the biggest shopping centre complex in our region. Its super easy to get to and on a Sunday morning there isn't even anyone ever around, its peaceful and by the time ive gotten over the fact that I can't use my regular local small businesses to make my purchases from, I can actually quite enjoy my trip to the supermarket. I love our local fresh food grocer, that's two doors down from the bakery and next to the butcher. For anything else I drive just around the corner to a small Foodworks which is of course privately owned.
Seriously got way off track there on my oversized shopping centre complex, complex. 
Anyway so tomorrow is the last day of summer and its safe to say I'm really not ok! This entire summer I have managed to get to the beach less times than I have fingers on one hand! For me this is entirely devastating. I grew up 5 minutes from the beach and lived on the lake. Our family home had an overwhelming glass frontage of lake views, I spent my summer mornings watching families enjoy their boats and wakeboarding, sailing, fishing and kayaking. Getting total motivation from the sun and seeing the world live their lives to the fullest. Being filled with pure joy in my heart, knowing that I just needed to jump into the fresh salty water to rejuvenate every part of my body and revitalise my mind. I'd jump in my car and drive straight to my slices of heaven, there were so many to choose from as we were enveloped in coastal serenity. The least crowded one always being my pick of the day so I only ever knew where that was going to be when I got there.
Now we live 40 minutes to an hour from any beaches, I have a 2 & 3 year old in tow and a hubby who is always whinging about going with us. See he is the type of man I literally have to drag out of the house and when we get there talks about how great of a day he has had, painfully exhausting but that's the way it is! See because of the dragging and the distance and the fact that I'm always having to fight that battle I have taken my kids to the beach 3 times this summer! 
Now looking at the local forecast it seems as if our beach day chances have  dwindled. I'm looking for that sunshine light at the end of the tunnel so I can squeeze in the last bit of family time at the beach before we turn back to trackies and blankets on the couch watching movies. 
Honestly who likes winter anyway, what a silly season!
We have just had a tonne of rain where we are so I am incredibly grateful for that! Hopefully my grass will no longer feel like walking on dried two minute noodles and we all know how much are farmers will appreciate it! So I guess I need to in the meantime just Netflix and Chill. I will be eyeing of that forecast for any half decent days to fit in as many memories as I can for the sake of my tiny tots and my sanity x
As for all of our beautiful Roxsta's, we hope you have had the most amazing summer and lived your life to its absolute fullest, if you haven't don't despair,,, there is always some adventure to be had tomorrow, we just need to get a little creative!
Until next time bitches x