Drinkin' With Donuts

So unfortunately, we are a day late with our blog post and as much as we had planned for posting this on International Donut Day in Australia, we got a little too carried away taste testing and time got away from us!
We know you will love these ones as they are simple and have very few key ingredients so they are cost effective and versatile and as a massive bonus, they go really well with donuts... I know I'm so sorry it's late but there's always room for more donuts hey!
Let's get started with the traditional French Martini, such a strange combination of Ingredients but it just seems to work! I know when I was younger and heading out it was the go to cocktail for so many of my friends for so long....
French Martini
30ml Chambord
30ml Vodka
60ml Pineapple Juice
Just a very simple martini, shake with some ice and strain and its done!
The second one is just an easy shot so grab yourself a shot glass and even if you don't like donuts you can celebrate with one of these. This traditional favourite is the
Jam Donut Shot
45ml Chambord
15ml Baileys
a plate with sugar
A slice of lemon
The method for this is great if you want something easy but different
Get the slice of lemon and wipe the slice of lemon all around the top, drinking edge of the glass (this is just to get the glass to be able to hold the sugar in place)
Turn the glass upside down into the sugar and turn until the rim is coated.
Pour the Chambord in, then layer Baileys slowly over the edge of a spoon so the Baileys floats and you are set to drink your liquid donut.
The third is the
Chambord Bellini
Pour into the well of the champagne glass a nice blob of Chambord to sit in the bottom, slowly pour the yellow bubbly into the glass and garnish with your fave berries.
So there you go! 3 easy cocktails, all using one shared key ingredient and to suit different occasions.