Denim in Overdrive!

You had ripped jeans last year, this year they are stretching, feeling worn, still your faves but the holes are getting bigger... well don't worry cos this season... the bigger the better!
Sure slightly distressed jeans are still in, small rips, slit knees and huge gaping holes, IN, IN ,IN!
Denim has gone into overdrive this winter!
Almost anything denim is so on trend right now! With a revamp of the 80's and 90's, denim has taken on so many forms that we never thought we would see again!
Patches on denim, Big bold embroidered florals on denim and the rips just keep getting bigger!
Denim on denim has often been thought of as a bold move but this not this season! Denim Jackets of all shapes, sizes, colours and tones, any denim goes!
See our pic above taken from of Alessandra Ambrosio, in a gorgeous light tone chambray style, long sleeve shirt paired with darker tone jeans. This is is one of our fave denim looks but is also very conventional for current style.
We've also seen Kate Hudson in cute double denim and Gigi Hadid to the bolder patch jeans in a personalised look on Margot Robbie and Rhi Rhi!
Whether its patches, embroidery or plain, play around with your denim look this winter

Roxsta xx