Do Date Night Different

With Hump Day over the weekend is fast approaching, I thought I would share with you our last weekend date night... see with two toddlers and not a lot of childcare available to us, throw in hubby working away a lot and two businesses to run, we don't get a lot of opportunity to have a lot of "just us" time. We live just outside of Newcastle but to go out for the night its easier to stay close to home sometimes. Lucky for us that they have just finished a major overhaul on our local shopping centre which happens to be within walking distance. 
I've never been a fan of enclosed settings, making me a massive alfresco diner (much to hubby's annoyance sometimes, still a bit unsure why...), so I'm really grateful that all the new developments are catering to this with open air courtyards and slightly upmarket restaurants in shopping complexes. The newest one around here just opened a TGI Fridays! Now the only thing I know about American food is that I'm a buffalo wing and Chilli Dog lover but TGI Fridays has always stuck with me since watching the movie Zookeeper. Corny I know but just like Bernie the Gorilla, "I've always wanted to go to TGI Fridays" so we gave it a shot!
We pulled up at the bar while we waited for a table, I had to drag Dan in with me because he had his eyes set on Timezone, and while I'm always up for something fun and different(different being I'm not 15 so a little out of my comfort zone in there), I convinced him I need to warm up my arcade game playing skills with a boost of fermented grape goodness. With a saddened heart he finally conceded and followed me to the bar, well, that didn't work out in my favour either because what good ol' Bernie, forgot to inform me of was that aside from cocktails, TGI Fridays was actually a sports bar!
So while I was seated in my super comfy bar stool I could be thankful that the bar tender was nice, the vino was cold and the football only managed to take about 80% of hubby's attention, allowing me to blubber on with my toddler filled verbal dribble without putting Dan to sleep. 
Unfortunately by the time we eventually got to order hubby was hangry and with entrée and main coming out together we had enough food to satisfy half of a third world country's population. We did however get to hear Yeah by Usher which I vaguely remember being the song they danced to in Zookeeper (another poor excuse to actually visit TGI Fridays ), but sadly no D-Floor... 
Leaving with a belly full of food and a nice dose of Sav, we headed to Timezone and let me tell you, its so much more fun at night, hardly anyone there, free reign of all the kids games and a recent glass full of confidence! The Dance Floor came with instructions and determined to beat the BAE we jumped aboard the stompfest, to my  disappointment, my coordination was not so great and I have heard all week about my miserable failure, but I had the best fun in forever!
After a few quick games of shooting terrorists and attacking Transformers we thought we would wind down with a race on the cars... oh dear was I very very wrong! Seems technology is somewhat more advanced since the last time I pushed an artificial pedal to the metal and before being allowed to take off, we were forced to buckle up! I thought of course all part of the novelty, but after a few flying leaps over some digital ramps and some imaginary hairpins I looked at hubby and had to ask, "is this thing still moving? I really feel like it's still moving". Safe to say it took a few minutes for me to get my feet back and all in a all decided a nice walk to the pub would be a welcome retreat.
The pub near us is pretty much our only option and its kind of a strange place, its no country pub, just a pub, near a shopping centre and its just never made a whole lot of sense to me but they get some amazing music there. Only problem is you never know if you're walking into a Sunday Chill Session or a Friday night rager. Well we got Chill which took me a few minutes to relinquish my disappointment before realising hubby and I could actually stop and chat.
All in all, it was a pretty fab night and something so simple that we never get to appreciate much anymore. So if you do, appreciate every moment because you never know when your life won't be so simple anymore. If you are in the same boat as us... sure dinner is nice, but make sure you put some spark back in, have some fun and do something just a little out of the ordinary you'll always remember your dance off over your dinner xx