Curious about Chupa Chups

Along with your most recent orders you may have found a cute or even tasty little treat tucked in with your purchase to show our appreciation for choosing to shop with Roxsta. We are just a very small business in this big wide world of internet shopping and we are hugely grateful to you for your business.
Yesterday we started our work day with our first international order since our gifting days and it got us to thinking... see Chupa Chups have been one of our most well received treats with purchase, with emails and messages coming in about how much they are an all time fave with our customers. So we decided to look up where they originated. I think us Aussies just took on these delectable balls on a stick as a homegrown product, but we would be very wrong!
Although I think we may have been one of the biggest sellers of these lollipops very early on when they were introduced here by an Australian by the name o John Harper. Chupa Chups were a brave idea from Spanish man Eric Bernat, which originally thought that lollies for kids were messy and sticky and they were always touching them and asking for more. So in the early 1950's, he came up with the idea of  a sweet that would take quite a length of time to devour and was not needing to be handled. His colleagues at The Apple Jam Factory were slightly less excited by the idea and he eventually took over the factory later that decade.
A gentleman in Australia had come across his invention and later came to import this lolly gem into Australia by pitching to the character in Kojak aired by Channel 10 at the time. This came about as he was trying to quit smoking and had already used lollipops prior to do so. The Chupa Chup was successful at gaining notoriety from the show and Mr Harper benefited greatly from his Channel 10 deal. 
A fun and highly interesting fact we found out about the Chupa Chups logo was that it was created by the famous artist Salvador Dali, more regularly known for his surrealist art and melting clocks.In 1969, he designed the daisy logo which was only slightly tweaked in 1988.
The Barcelona factory remained until 2010, when it was relocated to just North West of the Capital by now Dutch - Italian owned company to keep up with the fast paced and global demand. 
Image sourced from YouTube video "How to make a chupa-chups."
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