Crooked Bunny Cocktail Friyay

We're back!!!
Sorry about the missing Friyay's, fortunately for me I've been lucky enough to be enjoying our stunning Aussie beaches and the cocktails had to wait, well besides the ones I've been consuming of course.
This week we have decided to do the chocolate Easter cocktail, which we have named the Crooked Bunny. We found lots of variations of the chocolate martini but we thought it could use a couple of changes.
Crooked Bunny
15ml Vodka
30ml Kahlua
30ml Baileys
30ml milk
30ml cream
1tsp Nutella 
1 x Cadbury Flake for garnish
mix all ingredients into a shaker and strain, garnish with flake crumbles.
The best variations for this one, if you feel its too creamy and chocolatey for you, take the cream and milk out and add 15ml vodka, blend with ice instead of shaking xx 
Next week we will be taking it back to a simple cocktail for anyone going camping!