Cocktail Friyay's

Welcome to Cocktail Friday or as we like to call it,
cocktail FriYAY'S bitches!
Are you excited? Cos we are excited! 
We will do our best to keep things simple and elements unique and inspiring so we can put some FUN back into your week.
Even if you just want to sit down and indulge in one cocktail after work, we will also try to reuse particular spirits down the track so you can get the most out of your bottle, if you do have any left over after these delicious recipes. 
For the very first one we are going to keep it real basic, just three elements, one type of spirit, two mixers and a garnish if you want!
We want to help build your cocktail knowledge and supplies so you can aim for that amazing cocktail party you've always wanted to host. 
With over 10 years working in hospitality from Airlie Beach to Beaumont Street to Jindabyne, cocktails were my thang! Just ask my friends, whenever I was on a gap from my moves and jobs, my cocktail shakers and blender got a crazy workout!

Daiquiri's were always my fave through summer and tropical cocktails, so easy and so forgiving! Make a mistake with these babies, just add more alcohol(or mixer if that's what you really want). Although, I can't quite say the same for my friends the morning after...
I used to live on a main strip to the night life in Newcastle so my friends would come through the door and I would have the QF'S ready and waiting on arrival. Our apartment was renowned for the alcohol Kitchen shelf that was visible to all of our neighbours and was in constant high rotation, with a house and community full of hospitality working mates. We had a blast getting creative with all of the options and ingredients and I can't wait to share some of my faves with all of you Roxsta's.

Because it's just turned March, Autumn for us here in Aus, we opted for a slightly warmer feel spirit but kept it light enough to remember we still have a bit of warmth left in our days. I also chose this particular cocktail as it is something that I can match with my memories of March. For those who have read my blogs previously, you'll already know that I grew up living on a Lake, dreaming of being out there on a yacht or wakeboarding! We were so incredibly lucky to live where we did and wake up every morning to such a spectacular view, but of course we always want what we can't have....particularly as a kid. 
March was the most memorable, absolutely stunning, calm, still, picturesque waters, not a scrap of breeze and not a ripple of movement, until that dreamy yacht sailed on past or the flashy wakeboard boat motored on by with its passenger in tow.
I would wake these mornings early just to sit on the balcony and ogle with pure joy that I got to watch such life being lived, while at the same time being filled with pure envy in my heart. It is the dreamer in me that makes me what I am today. Aiming high, reaching for the stars to one day give my kids the child hood I had plus more.
Tonight, my only aim is to make this fun cocktail for my Friday afternoon wind down and we hope you all enjoy this weeks edition of Cocktail Friyay's!

Sailor's Sunrise
60ml Spiced Rum (We used Bacardi Oakheart)
120ml Orange Juice
Splash of Grenadine or Red Cordial
Garnish with a cherry

Shake OJ and rum in a cocktail shaker vigorously and strain, pour in a glass over fresh ice and add a splash of grenadine. 
Garnish with a cherry rested on top of your ice.

Drink responsibly and have a fab weekend!

We told you this one was easy xx 

Recipe sourced from Tipsy bartender submitted by a follower.