Brave The Jumpsuit

If you've been holding off on the idea of jumpsuits, now is the time to give in! We had them everywhere through our Autumn/ Winter seasons, and now the trend is only growing. We are seeing them in all our labels, long ones, 7/8's, 3/4's and midi length as well as all our old playsuit styles and they look fab.
I think a lot of us have these visions of playsuits from the old days and that old overall, farmer feel, with saggy bottoms and bellies and nothing fitting in the right places... Don't get me wrong, overalls are also back, but if you aren't so comfortable with trying out different trends and feel standard clothing is just easier, then please take this season to get off that fence!
Playsuits and jumpsuits have come such a long way and are more flattering than ever! Of course there are the occasional obstacles that you may run into when you choose a jumpsuit for your next night out but mostly the good far outweighs the bad! 
Biggest issues with Jumpsuits are getting ready by yourself and bathroom needs so lets get this out of the way! Some are more flexible than others and getting out of a high neck zipper is no issue at all, for the rest of us don't worry, just maybe don't choose this option for a quiet date night, but rather a more social gathering where you can always find yourself a bathroom buddy. Of course if it is a looser suit you may be able to pull up the leg and do the old side sit like a one piece swimsuit but maybe don't trust that method, especially if you're planning on a big one. Bathroom buddies are easier to find then you think and if you're a confident person you should be able to tag along and take advantage of most trips to the ladies, if not just grab your bestie and you'll be fine!
If you don't want that kind of pressure when you need to go, there are other suits with zips which finish with a lower cut and are fairly easy to get in and out of.
Just make sure you choose the right Jumpsuit for you and you will absolutely be hooked!

Jump on it Roxsta's