Awe The Lies! MAFS Commitment Ceremony Spoiler Alert

MAFS obsessed fans all over Australia are glued to their televisions right now waiting for answers! We aren't getting them! Ines is smiling from ear to ear after an abridged version of the truth comes out, we know Ines won't take being told that she asked Sam for a commitment after a few drinks. We know she expected a lot after a few hook ups but she never expected to hear what Sam had to say. Sam admitting that he regretted ever accepting the Instagram message from Ines must have put a smile on a lot of peoples faces, genuine intent to hurt others has been written all over her face from the beginning. Her horrible comments and clearly conveying that she does not care what anyone else thinks. Sams reaction was possibly a little bit of karma even though she hid it quite well and focused more on what she got away with again reiterating her lack of respect for the feelings of others that she had hurt and for what anyone thinks of her. 

Cyrell being banished from the room was a bit funny and her taking it so well was great! she is still my favourite, Nic had her back the whole way completely understanding her outburst being confronted with apparently spreading rumours prior and looking out for her friend Lizzie, even asking partner Nic if he could talk to Bronson at the dinner party and ask Sam the truth. Both Sam and Ines had denied this until now! Now all said and done and Sam, Elizabeth, Bronson and Ines are leaving the Married At First Sight experiment. We just got used to the drama but i really was expecting them to drag it out for a while longer yet!

The others look to be doing ok so the new couples are being introduced this week, the producers seem to have the newlyweds stirring some dramatic effects with jealousy and attention on the outsiders. I was actually hoping for a bit of breathing space on the structured and scripted upset we were getting from Sam, lets be honest he is an aspiring actor but I don't think he will be getting any big-time roles in the near future. His authenticity was never there and he was more like he was really feeling he was in the right, just a true narcissist, this guy would do the wrong thing, try to make himself look good by telling awful stories about Liz then turn around and tell her she was disrespectful and not putting in the effort and wasting his time! I could not believe my ears. This was a real wake up call to the fact that these guys are out there! Females Beware!
We are eager to see what will come with this week when it continues tomorrow night on channel nine 7:30.